The Cypriot passport has scored a passport rank of 12 worldwide, in the list of the Global Passport Power Rank by the Power Index 2017.

Germany and Singapore came first with a visa-free score of 159, while Sweden and South Korea came second with a visa-free score of 158.  Denmark, Italy, Finland, France, Spain, Norway, the Uk, Japan and the USA followed with a score of 157 and Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Portugal came next with a score of 156. Scoring 155 and coming up next were Malaysia, Ireland and Canada, followed by Greece, New Zealand and Australia with a score of 154. Malta, Czechia and Iceland were next, with a score of 153 and then came Hungary with a score of 151. Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia ranked 9th, with a score of 150, and in the 10th position came Estonia with a visa-free score of 149. Right before Cyprus, in the 11th position came Liechtenstein with a score of 148.

A Cypriot citizen can freely travel, reside and work within any of the 28 European Union Countries, and travel to a total of 147 countries without visas or with passports stamped on arrival. Cypriots can travel to a wide range of countries all over the world visa-free, ranging from Switzerland and Norway in Europe, to Tanzania and Zimbabwe in Africa, to Costa Rica and Brazil in America, to Cambodia and Hong Kong in Asia and New Zealand and Fiji in Oceania.