Trust, Wills & Successions

Trust, Wills & Successions

Our firm offers comprehensive succession planning legal services to serve clients’ personal or business requirements whether in transitioning or maintaining and maximizing the value of their assets.

Our team of lawyers addresses all matters at hand when structuring succession planning solutions, taking into account all-important tax considerations, ownership, future targets and challenges and continuity.

In terms of family succession planning, we offer legal advice on and draft wills, trusts and asset protection structures aiming to address, to the greatest extent possible, the individual needs and circumstances of each client.

We have extensive experience in probate proceedings before the Cyprus Courts that regularly involve applications for the proving of wills, the issue of grants of letters of administration, the re-sealing of British Commonwealth grants in Cyprus and in this connection, we appear before banking institutions and the relevant local authorities such as the Inland Revenue and the Land Registry, so as to effect and ensure the distribution of the assets and the submission of final accounts.

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